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Cool Breeze Collection

The "Cool Breeze Collection" is the name we've given to our new 2020 Australian Winter clobber. Although the collection does feature some of our current and favourite lines, we've added a few new comforts that all bodies deserve.

Created in the winter of 2019, camping beachside in the seaside town of Minnie Water NSW......the 1SUP1 crew, lazy camp fire bound and toasting marshmallows.(Possibly drinking beer) 

A week of exploring Dogman's secret breaks, thawing by the camp fire and keeping hydrated by tanned ale nectar had the design juices flowing. 

Introducing the "Back Beach Fleece" Hooded Fashion Jacket. (Unisex) Woollen fleece lined under a heavy weighted grey chequered outer shell. Terry fabric sleeves and hood gives you that feeling of.....although I may have the TV remote in my pocket, I can still dress it over a pair of jeans or slip it straight on after that epic winter SUP surf. Oh, and with a limited edition 1SUP1 sewn pocket badge, just the perfect reminder that you are in the best gear!

Compliment that with this and you'll need to find a big stick to fight off the uninvited! The "Hiawatha Road" Track Pant. (Unisex) COMFORT in CAPS LOCK! Fashion fit heavy weighted sweat pant, polyester fleece with a lined gusset - Just to keep the party moshing. Lined side pockets, internal coin pocket to keep a couple of goldy's for those loose change promotions! Black draw cord and ribbed hem cuffs to keep the breeze at bay. Our 1SUP1 logo application in "Pop" GEL on the pocket. Moccasins, high tops or thongs.....anyway you want!

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